Dear God, bless this day
With your light show me the way.
Heal my wounds deep, profound
Give the blessings for the next round.
Thank you for filling my lungs with air,
for giving me wisdom to avoid the snare.
Thank you for waking me up today,
giving me another chance to stay.
I honour your Earth I walk upon
Blessed be the maiden, mother, crone.
Give me your strength, compassion and love
To be wise as snake and gentle as dove.
Into my heart put your love divine,
Lead me throughout the day
and give me the sign.
I know you hear my words each time
To make it easier, I speak in rhyme.
I call you now, attend to me
This is my will, so mote it be.

“Gratitude”, Jelena Stefanović
#jelenastefanovich #jelenastefanovichquotes
#thejunkiesoul #magicandbeyond💫 #dailyprayer #miracleoflife #loveandabove💕 #divinefeminine #blessings

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