Challenges, creativity and “the flow” state of mind

Do you like challenges?
When a challenge is bigger than level of skills, person becomes nervous, frustrated and stressed. And when the level of skills exceeds the size of the challenge, it leads to boredom and distraction. It seems that the balance is the key in this case, too.
This balance between the level of skills and the size of the challenge is the place where one goes into the flow, where the person embraces all the capacity and uses the skills to the fullest. That is an important component of creativity and well-being in our lives.
How to get into this state of mind?
*Get rid of your phone
*Stop watching TV
*Start to create – instead of consuming
*Go for a walk
*Be one with the nature
*Write a diary
*Everyday invent something new
*Break the routine
*Live from/as the question
*Be willing to acknowledge the magnificence and greatness that you truly are
*Destroy all of your judgments you have about you and others
*Rewrite the story of your life
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