Celebrate the life, the life is sacred!

She-Rises_The-Rise-of-the-New-Story-of-Our-Paradigm (1)
Every life is sacred.
And you are unique.
You are the one and only, there are no beings such as you in the whole Universe. Never was and will never be.
Step into your true power.
Do not let anyone tell you that you can not, should not, must not, that you first have to deserve something or not. If you have to deserve, that means that you are not worth of – fill the blank.
But, the truth is that you do.
Honor the life!
Be grateful for every breath you take.
Celebrate the phases of the nature, because the nature is the true giver of life. Not your mother and father, sorry.
And feel the life in your veins and be joyful and playful.
Keep this as a remainder of how magnificent, beaYOUtiful and powerFULL you ARE.
Blessed be ❤
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