Magic of asking questions

Pitanje otvara prostor u kome pravimo drugačije izbore koji stvaraju mogućnosti da budemo doprinos koji Jesmo celoj planeti i Univerzumu. Koje pitanje danas postavljamo koje bi promenilo ovu i sve druge realnosti? Sve što sprečava da to znamo, šaljemo Izvoru. Žao mi je, oprosti mi, volim te, hvala.
The question opens the space where we make different choices that create possibilities for us to be the contribution that we truly are to the whole planet and the Universe. What question do we ask today that would change this and another realities? Everything that doesn’t allow us to know that, we send it to the Source. I am sorry, forgive me, I love you, thank you.
#inspiration #thejunkiesoul #jelenastefanovich #magicandbeyond #conscioussness #contribution #questions #transformation


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