I just Am…


Yesterday, he said to me:

“I’m free. I’m not tied to anything. I was not here a moment ago and I’m going to disappear again – as soon as you put down the camera, I will not be there anymore. But actually, it only seems that way. Because I’m here all time – I just change and appear in other forms. I am in the flow. I move where the wind takes me and I allow everything to come to me – sun, wind, storm, water, other people’s points of view and their thoughts … With no resistance, with no barriers. And I do not care if somebody likes me or not. Some people do not even notice me! They walk with their thoughts in a hurry, and they never lift their heads up. And some of them go home to take the umbrella they’ve forgotten. I activate some bad and nice feelings in many of them; suspicions, questions, memories, too… Some of them are happy to see me, but only rare ones, just like you, take a break to admire me. So what do you think, how it would be if I would pay attention to all of that? How it would look like, if I let it affect me? No… Nothing can touch me at all … I have to continue my journey. Freely, with no resistance, no obstacles. Everything else would be unnatural. I just Am. Just like you … Like the Life and the Existence itself… Thank you for stealing a moment from the eternity to see me and to hear my words… ”



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