Restore your inner power

Hello, there!

After reading this title, you may ask – HOW, right?

Yes, that is usual question of a logical mind. But, the truth is that once you let go all of definitions, expectations, projections, conclusions, “hows” and “whys”, you will be able to step into the inner space and connect to the Source (YOU). That means that you can have anything you want only when you are ready (and willing) to let go of everything.

To surrender completely. And when you finally surrender, surrender even more. Only if you are totally vulnerable, you have all the power needed. 

Yes, that is the magic of BEING. It has no sense to the logical mind, but if your logical mind was so clever and potent as you think, would you be here where you are right now? Or would you be somewhere else, living your magical life to the fullest without reading this, because you would have already something better to do? Would you be enjoying every second of your life completely satisfied perhaps? Don`t  you think?

So, if you insist in asking HOW, these are the steps.

  1. Send your logical mind on the vacation
  2.  Ask your inner being what is your purpose and mission in life
  3. Then ask for guidance, talk to the Great Spirit (the Source of everything that is) and let it guide you
  4. Trust that you are exactly where you need to be at this very moment and that everything happens for your highest Good (even if you do not see it or realize it now)
  5. Enjoy! And be patient. Because when you are not in the hurry, things come faster than you can imagine
  6. Feel the life running through your veins and be grateful! That is how you are going to maintain your vibration
  7. Spend more time in nature and connect to the mother Earth
  8. Repeat once again: “Fuck off! I don`t give a shit!” 😀 Just joking 😛 You may say: “I surrender! I am sorry, forgive me, I love you and I thank you.”
  9. Feel those words in your heart and repeat them with total commitement every day
  10. Listen to the music you like, sing, paint, dance, write down your thoughts, sleep well and have a great sex 😀 In fact, do whatever is pleasurable to YOU. That is how you are gonna draw close yourself to yourself.
  11. Know that you do not need any technique. You and the Source are just enough! 😉
  12. Breath deeply and let go once again

Don`t like it? Invent your own plan. The point is not in being special (you are not here to compare or compete with anyone), but authentic.

Manifest it! That is the reason why you are here – whatever your mission is.

Write to me if you like –

And be what you truly are! Than everything comes to its place.

Love you!




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