Meditation for beginners

Meditation is a natural state of mind. What we usually do is not.

And yet, when it comes to meditation practice, we have so many problems to still the mind and even more questions about it. Here are some tips that may help.

Let`s bust the myths for a change – meditation is not about isolating and sitting in a lotus pose, doing nothing. In fact, when we activate the body, we calm the mind. So, the more we run, sing, dance, paint or do whatever that requires our absolute presence – better.

The second myth is that we have to fight against our thoughts. The truth is that we don`t. The more we resist, the more thoughts we have. And they just appear whether we want it or not. Thoughts just happen, it is natural. Trying to stop them is not. Also, the whole point is in accepting, not judging and fighting. If you have so many thoughts during the meditation and you can not slow them down, than just listen. What message do they bring to you? What do you need to know or find out from them?

The third myth is that the meditation is dangerous. Yes, I know that you know that it is not, because you would not try to meditate, but… If you are bored or unhappy with the results, this might serve as en excuse for you to quit. We are not gonna let that happen. So, please know that everything that may look scary during the meditation – it is yours. If it is fear, guilt, shame, sorrow, pain, rage, anger, some strange face, rare being or any unpleasant emotion that you can not handle at the moment – just stay there and observe. Be awake and present. *no wonder it is a gift /present 🙂 Go through that and make a friend of an enemy. It is all YOU anyway 😉

Does that create ease to you? If it does, good. That is truth then. If it is heavy, it is a lie.

Do you have enough time for your meditation practice? I suppose that you don `t. But, never mind. You need only twenty minutes for meditation every day. But, if you are in a hurry, than you MUST meditate at least one hour 😀 Just kidding 😉 Make it five minutes – it will be perfect for a start. Just be there for you.

Is guided meditation good? Yes, if you work on some issue. But, if you wanna listen to your inner being, than you will have to turn everyone/everything off – and listen to you.

You are the smartest person in your life anyway 😀

Only you have the answers. Just be willing to hear them.

Have fun!

With love,





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