What if there is no PMS?

Yes, that is right. What if there is no PMS? What if it is just a common belief accepted by society, a point where everything unacceptable suddenly becomes acceptable? Such as “bad” behaviour, expressing and telling what you really think and knowing that nobody will judge you for that, enjoying in food you would like to enjoy, but you do not usually do that, because you will become fat and if you are fat, nobody will like you, everyone will tease you, etc… The list goes on and on, no ending with “why” and “because”.

In that period of time, there is something going on in your body, that is true. And hormones do affect female behaviour at some point. That’s true, too. But, is it that the mind follows the body, or the body follows the mind?

What if you can take control over your actions, feelings, emotions and behaviour even if there is some biochemical process going on in your body? What if you can do that only by accepting the beauty of it, only by loving the nature of it, only by loving your body just the way it is – without judging anything and feeling bad because of your judgment?

And the most important of all – what if you can just be you, what if you can just say, do and express whatever you like and feel without the need of hiding behind the “hormonal story”, physical necessities and drama of PMS – every day, every hour, every second of your life, not only in “those days”?

Would you be willing to try?

Would you be willing to let that possibility come into your reality?


With Love,



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