The letter to a little Sparkle

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Hello there, my dear friend! Hello, brother and sister of mine, hello my twin and my soul mate! And one more time, hello to you, you magnificent and incredible being, you little shining light! Thank you for reading this letter I am writing to you – to a little Sparkle that you actually are!

And what is it about – this letter, you may ask? What can you expect here?

First of all, you will read something that you already knew, long time ago when you came to this planet.

Yes, you knew it. But then you decided to forget.

*Because they told you to forget, they thought you were just a baby and that they had to teach you how to become a human being.

*And because even earlier you promised that you would listen, that you would erase your memory with the first scream you made.

Now… Can you remember how it looked like when you were watching your parents and all the people around you when you were a child? I know it is hard, but please try to refresh your memory.

Do you remember how ridiculous they seemed in your eyes, how wrong you considered their actions? Did you laugh? Or they/that made you sad?

Do you remember how many times you have promised to yourself that you would change all those things you did not like when you grow up? Have you ever made a commitment to yourself that you would never be like them, that you would change the world?

Have you ever made a commitment that you would never do something violent like killing and eating animals? You always had a problem when they forced you to swallow that piece of meat anyway…

Have you ever promised to yourself that you would avoid suffering, because you knew deep inside your heart that the pain  was one stupid and unnecessary invention of a human kind?

Have you ever recognized that struggling for the money was so unnatural and abnormal? Because you always knew that the whole Universe was abundant and that nothing could be missing…

Have you ever sworn to yourself that you would never accept to live your life in fear, darkness, desperation and contraction – in a word, that you would never live so far away from love, joy, greatness that you are and your true pleasurable and effortless nature?

Yes, I know – you certainly have.  But, what happened along the way?

Maybe you just forgot. Or maybe you just could not breathe anymore. Because when you can not breathe, you can not have the clarity required and the only thing you can think of is how to take another breath in order to survive.

Or maybe you remember this so well that it hurts. It hurts so much when realizing that you actually gave up somewhere on the road,  believing that you were so alone and thinking that you did not have more strength to change and do anything.

Or maybe you just needed to forgive yourself – for what you have done to you and the world. Because you knew that forgiveness is the action of love, but on the other hand, you were so afraid… Which is also lack of love, that was why you were in the circle, moving around the same way all the time.

Well, my dear friend, you are not alone – you are everything. You have (and are) every single molecule, every single star from the Universe within you!

And you did not come here to this planet to survive – you came to live, and to breathe deeply with all the capacity you have. And more.

And you did not come here to suffer – you came here to enjoy and play and create and love and laugh and to have pleasure. Because that is your true nature.

You did not come here to learn, because you already know everything. You came here to experience.

You did not come here to find yourself, because you know who you are. You came here to create, to build and rebuild yourself. You are the chameleon, so you can be whatever you choose. Choose wisely!

You did not come here to listen to other people. They know their truth. You came here to live your own truth. So listen to the voice inside.

You did not come her to please someone. You came here to contribute. And you do it all the time, whether you know it or not. So, no matter what you choose, no matter how right or wrong it may seem (to you and to other people), no matter what action you take – you are the contribution with everything you are or do.

You did not come here to be like all the others, because you are unique. You are the precious print of the God`s finger and no finger is the same. If they should be the same, God would make them that way. But she/he/it did not do it for all this time, because there is no authentic creation in repeating. So, do not try to correct his masterpiece by accepting to be, live, feel or think like other people.

You did not come here to believe in lies and excuses. You came to live your truth. So, next time when you think about how weak you are, be sure that you are deceived. All the strength you need is in you.

Next time when you come up with the idea that you can not do it, know that you accepted the excuse and that you are what you truly are no more. There are no limitations. Only those in your mind.

You are not here to judge, because when judging others you judge you. Also, you can not hurt someone else without hurting you. We are all One. But that is another thing you have forget. You are so used to live with this illusion of separation, that you can barely live with the sense of Oneness  any more. Change that!

You are not here to fear, to be anger, to feel rage or to be desperate. Emotions are just given to you as a bridge between your inner and outer world. Do not use them as a weapon for a self destruction – and destruction. They are the tools you should use, so that you can create what you want.

You are not here the accept the reality that is offered to you. You are here to create the reality of your own. But someone told you that you were a dreamer and that you just must accept. And you did it like most of us. Otherwise, they would call you a lunatic. But, who cares?

You are not here to attract what you want. Attraction means some action with the result that comes with the certain effort. And the effort is not natural, everything happens spontaneously, with ease. You are here to reflect what you are. And remember that everything you see around is the reflection of you – like in the mirror. So, if you do not like what you see, change the picture and the object in front (that means you) and the reflection will be changed instantaneously. That is your true power!

Let me remind you how great you are once again! You have the ability to choose and that is something that even angels are not allowed to! Stop crying like a mule, you are a super potent being! God must be laughing when you act like a spoiled child!

Can you imagine how many souls are waiting for the embodiment at this right moment? They can not wait to come here and play. And you are here, capable to feel the touch and cold and warm, capable to see all those magnificent colors, you are able to hear all those incredible sounds, noises and whispers to enrich your experience. And you are complaining and “wasting” your precious time here on Earth with suffering, by paying attention on some insignificant things? Just think one more time, please. If you really choose this again, that is your choice. But, it is your life, here and now. I am here just to remind you that there is no magic with that auto-pilot you turned on. So, what would you do?

You did not come here to be the actor who acts the actor who acts the role given by some weird director who acts to direct. You came here with the role given to you by you and the divine force within you and all around you. So, just like I told you – you were everything: the director, the actor, the screenwriter, even the cinematographer that projects your holographic imprint all over the life screen.

But, the main platform of consciousness – as a director and the audience – did not order this drama you play. You should remember that one, too! The thing is that performers have lost the essence of a play in their overacting (and overreacting) “acting” (instead of being and living). This main platform of consciousness just want to have fun! So should you, just like all the actors on the stage.

I assume that you have refreshed your memory. At least a little bit, maybe. If that is true, what role would you choose?

Would you shine as a Sparkle that you truly are and be the real Star on this life screen?

Don`t you think that the world (stage) needs more light? 🙂

The audience is waiting for you! You just have to detach yourself from the control drama invented long before you came here. Come out and play the play we all truly want to play! 🙂

With love,


P.S If you liked the text, please share it with the original link that leads to its source. All rights reserved. Thank you!

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