“Make a choice and decide” is the answer to any, every and each “how”

Couple a days ago I had a class with a guest. And as usually happens, with every information, sentence or a suggestion of the teacher (master, coach, guide, healer or whoever is standing there) it comes to this special question.


“Yes, but how can I do this and that? How can I achieve this? How can I make this real, how can I actualize it, how can I make it happen?”

The truth is that you do not have to know that, because you “only” take those little steps of action when you are already aware of what you would like – to have, to create, to achieve.

And sometimes (but only sometimes 🙂 ) you do not even have to do anything.

There is one thing I know for sure – you can not do or achieve anything by asking “how”. In fact, that is the ideal way of locking yourself up and putting your inner being behind the bars. What you really have to do is to choose and decide. And everything comes to you then, according to the choice and the decision you have made.

The same thing is with some inner battles you may have. How do you get rid of some feeling inside? How do you get rid of some belief system or a thought that do not serve you any more? There are three steps:

  1. recognize it
  2. be willing to change it
  3. every second be aware and as soon as some of those feelings or thoughts appear, notice them and correct yourself just like you would do to a child – until you make a new belief system.

Do you know what the real “problem” is?

People usually “waste” their time in choosing what to choose. They try to figure out what is “the best” for them. Unfortunately, it happens that those situations in which they already live in, become even worse and not so comfortable. Then the illusion of “not having enough time” to make something different, so much as the fear of the change and unknown, and above all, the disbelief that it can happen in this lifetime or that they are strong enough for the task they gave to themselves – this is what transforms the agony into never ending story.

Please, know that everything is possible. You live in a world of infinite possibilities. And do not lie to yourself any more by saying – to you and other people – that you can not do it, that it is not possible, that you do not have a choice (because you do, always), that it is not your destiny (or whatever excuse you can figure out). Stop diminishing yourself that way, it only takes your power and creative potentials – from you.

Start focusing your energy and invest your time in figuring out what you would like to create. Choose and decide, than act!

So, what do you choose? 🙂

With love,


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