What does oriental dance have to do with spirituality?

I am a woman. The curious one.

And the curiosity brought me to my first class of oriental dance.

But the meditative state of mind kept me in this beautiful practice

and attracted me even deeper into research.

I have been practicing meditation for long twenty years.

So, I could notice immediately the similar effect the dance made with my brain waves.

If I could describe that feeling, it would be “the movement meditation”.

But, what happens in the body while dancing that effects the mind that way?

1. Every activation of the body stills the mind.

2. Steps, movement of the feet and every activation of lower abdomen

(and in oriental dance the focus is mainly here) open and clean the first three chakras

related to our existence in this physical plane.

3. Hand movements, “snake arms”, gestures, chest, neck and head

activate and make stronger other three chakras related to our spiritual existence.

4. Body waves, twists, turns, elevations and jumps activate the crown chakra

making the connection between our physical and divine nature.

5. Every exercise stimulates the production of endorphins and the hormone serotonin

(both contributing to well being and happiness by reducing pain,

removing depression and maintaining the good mood).

6. The more limitations you remove with your body, the more limitations you will remove in your mind.

And the oriental dance makes you be aware of every single muscle in your body,

more than any other dance.

That is why it is considered a cradle of all dances ever.

So, the question was:

“What does oriental dance have to do with spirituality?”

If you are healthy and happy, joyful and playful, with elastic body and elastic mind,

is that spiritual? For me – oh, yes, it certainly is.

There is a song saying – “free your mind and the rest will follow”.

And if you want to free your mind, start with your body in the first place, trust me. 🙂

By the way, have you ever tried to cry and jump all over the place? No?

Yes, you got my point. Every movement is related to our emotions

(or every emotion is related to our body 🙂 ).

But, I will tell more about that another day 🙂

With Love,


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